The Columbia 150 will be held August 5-9, 2013 (first full week of August.).

Columbia 150 2009


  • 8pm Sunday, August 4, Captain's Meeting at the Cathlamet Marina
  • Monday, August 5: The Low Loop. Sail pup to Tongue Point, gaze out upon the horrors of Astoria Bay, return to Cathlamet Marina ~40 miles.
  • Tuesday, August 6: 26 mile up-river run to Rainer
  • Wednesday August 7: 19 mile up-river run to Sand Island
  • Thursday, August 8: 24 mile run to the floating dock at Lord Island
  • Friday, August 9: 20 mile down-river run to Cathlamet

Cathlamet Marina: 46° 12.488'N 123° 23.293'W
Tongue Point 46° 12.887'N 123° 45.390'W
Rainier Docks 46° 5.414'N 122° 55.986'W
Sand Island 45° 52.169'N 122° 47.660'W
Floating Dock 46° 8.235'N 123° 2.790'W

Google Earth .kmz file of known resources/possible stopping places on the Lower Columbia.

  • Geogarage is a a very handy ustility that can import/export GPS files - tehy seem to have charts from all over the world
  • 315° True is an excellent planning utility for the Columbia
  • Active Captain is a pretty cool planning utility

This event is unsupported and vountary - there are no medical services, no rescue services, no food/water/refueling services. There is risk of damage, life-altering injury, and death. Participart at your own risk. Each captain is responsible for the safety and actions of his boat and crew.

Discussion of this event will take place on the Western Oregon Messabout Yahoo group: