Welsford 100sqft Balanced Lug

This sail was designed by John Welsford for the SCAMP sailboat he designed for Small Craft Advisor magazine. It's high aspect and multipul reef points make it a very good choice for a lot of small sailboats.

Use the same construction technique as is used on Mik Storer's sails and the 75sqft Balanced Lug on this site.

Hang your sail so the luff is vertical. The mast should rake at ~3°. I always put my sails so the Center of Effort is directly over the Center of Lateral Resistance, but other people have other ideas.

Note: This design does NOT take 'spar bend' into account, like I did on the Michalak Balanced Lug. Feel free to add spar bend in if you'd like.

The leech curve is about an inch deeper than the Michalak Balanced Lug. This is to mitigate 'leech flutter' issues.

That should do it. As already mentioned, use the same size patches (adjusted where necessary) as are used on the Michalak Balanced Lug. Use heavy (5.5oz) tarp, #16 needles, upholstry or outdoor thread, and high thread tension and you should be fine.