Plans for the Tik Tak Ten-ish Kayak

Tik Tak Kayaks are silly little boats designed specifically to be cheap and easy to build, while at the same time, being safe and easy to use. They seem to be able to be made any length - our first design was eight foot, the next was 12. The Tik Tak Eight was too small for more than one paddler. The Tik Tak Twelve required another sheet of plywood and didn't really make good use of it. The Tik Tak Ten-ish seems a good compromise - room for two while making very economical use of wo sheets of plywood.

This boat lends itself to mass builds with unskilled workers. The parts are very easy to cut ahead of time and final assembly is dead simple.

Tik Tak Ten-ish Plans in downloadable, printable .PDF format.