Coracle Seats
April 11-12, 2015

The seats for our Coracles are spec'd to be 3.5' (42") long and 10" wide. I had some Alowood and Poplar laying around, and it made such lovely paddles, I decided to keep the theme going with the seats.

Here are the bits glued together side-by-side. I am using TiteBond III for glue, but any waterproof-ish glue will work.

I have to say, this Dewalt 12" Planer is one of the nicest tools I get to use at the Boathouse. After planing, I sanded with 120 grit paper in a Random Orbital Sander.

Sanding done, it was time to coat things with epoxy. I started on the coracle seats. I use small-headed finish nails to hold them up off the sawhorses.

Here's Geoff checking to see how one of the laths would look with it's natural curve against the seat. We won't be using a natural curve - we'll be making the bottom as flat as possible to increase stability and displacement.