Changes at the Boathouse!
29 December, 2016

Things have been really quiet at the Boathouse, mostly because there's been big changes going on. The Boathouse has been moved over to the Boatyard at the Port of Toledo for some much needed repair and weatherization. It will be back up and running in March, 2017.

In the meantime . . .

There is ANOTHER Boathouse being built. This one will be be used primarily for storage and as classroom space. Storage is important because our existing storage place is a crumbling, mostly floating, ex-fish house that was donated to us when the owner decided it wasn't worth having any more. It served as our oar and lifejacket locker, but when the storms pulled up most of the roof and let rain in, we decided it was time to build new/bigger.

The original Boathouse is being used as shop space for the new construction.

The new Boathouse is being built by a local volunteer group. I don't want to name names because I haven't asked permission, but they are great guys doing great work.

Getting the roof up early is important when building on the coast.

Windows next - ambient light is important.

And then the sides. Like all building, "going 3D" is just the start of the real work. Now it's doors, shelving, racks, lighting, electrical work, and dozens of other projects that are required but don't make many visible changes.

This project is the result of dedication, planning, funding, and effort of many organizations, groups, and individuals. It is an excellent example of the difference people can make in their community.

Things are on hiatus until Spring 2017. See you then.