The 2016 Toledo Wood Boat Show!
August 19-21, 2016

The third Sunday of every year, the Port of Toledo hosts a Wood Boat Show down at the waterfront.

When I got to the Boathouse, I found a bunch of Job Corps kids inside, cleaning things up. I put Theresa into the spanglehelm and she made quite a Valkyrie

Then I put 'em to work. Great group of kids. If you need an employee, please consider kids with Job Corps experience.

Dan was down from eastern Washington. Check out the woodwork on his cabin.

Up in the parking lot, Doryman Michael B and Rick J, local shipwright and builder of Haus2o, had the Kayak Build going full steam.

Jim C had his self-designed Modoc up on display.

Hand carved surfboards

Skin-on-Frame bidarkas built and owned by Tom, the local kayak instructor.

This little sprog was helping his dad polish up the accessories to a classic ski-boat on display.

That's a purty powerboat. As I have little interest in powerboats, I didn't get the make/model. Sorry.

A tiny tug. I like the tiny tug movement, it gives people a fun project they can do in a normal sized garage and at the end, they have a cute little boat to play with.

Talk about purty. That's a NICE rowboat.

That is a very nice flag display.

Cardboard (containerboard, actually) boats on display. The local Georgia Pacific fiber mill provides all comers with two sheets of container board for making cardboard boats for a race on Saturday.

Some people get VERY creative.

There are vendors selling everything from kettle korn to decorative paddles.

This was taken early Saturday morning - lots more boats on the way.

Back down at the water, the Boathouse was proving to be a popular place to hide from the sun on this 90° day.

Dan (who I mentioned before) brought his granddaughter, Mary, to the show, and we got her into one of our Skin-on-Frame kayaks. She loved it.

Dan, himself, conned me into putting oarlocks on a Lazy Weekend canoe. It rows very well, but the oars need to be 6' long instead of the 5 footers you see here.

The Tik-Tak Kayaks were a hit, as well. Everyone who tried them, loved them.

Mary testing out a Mollyhawk. This is an outstanding design as it allows either one or two rowers, where most designs require one rower or require two rowers.

Mason (left) is displaying his live-aboard sailboat at the show and wanted to take a Mollyhawk out for a row with his family. Ladies and gentle people, I present you you, the youngest Pirate/Viking ever caught on digital media.

Want to get strapping young men into a canoe? Paint it pink.

Nice shot of a Lazy Weekend 2.0, a steam launch, and a Mollyhawk in the distance.

This gentleman was MIGHTILY impressed with our kayak.

Nothing like having a friend to row, is there?

Inside the Boathouse, Kelly Thibodeaux was getting ready to give a class on fiddling while others admired the Rushton IGO skeleton on hanging from the rafters.

Others were admiring the art and elegance of the Corkey.

We were even able to con someone into taking it out.

An excellent downwind vessel, the Corkey did require a tow back to the Boathouse.

The docks were HOPPING with folks.

Boats all over the water.

The Tik-Taks are very suitable for entire crews of young adventurers.

One of the neat things about the Tik-Tak is it is a very suitable design for people who have bad knees and can't climb down into a canoe or kayak. Add a folding chair and paddle with ease. Add a child for motive power and be paddled in luxury (note, the Tik-Taks work well as a poor man's Stand Up Paddleboard as well)

Even the Coracle got use.

Boats on the water - brings joy to my heart. The one on the left is the Jodi III, an electrified Fanny the Fantail Launch by Selway-Fisher and built/owned by Sparkin' Joe L.

This kid. This kid was a maniac. He did our entire Poker Paddle in a Coracle - the longest Coracle voyage on record on the Oregon Coast.

The cardboard boat race is underway!

A massive flotilla of slowly sinking boats.

Crashes, capsizes, sinkings and general mayhem. Everything you want in a boat race.

After the races, it was time to get people on the water again. An entire 6-member family in a Mollyhawk.

Our last paddler of Saturday evening. A Captain of His Own Destiny, to be sure.

Another fine photo of boats on the water.

Sunday morning dawned with Dan taking a Coracle out - he was surprisingly good at sculling it along.

We decided to break the Goose out of storage.

Probably the worst picture I could have taken of this delightful little moppet and her father going for a paddle.

Nothing is more difficult than 3 paddlers in a canoe.

That Goose was moving in a very slight breeze. The skipper was having a ball.

Another family in a Lazy Weekend Canoe - perfect design for this activity.

Four full-grown friends in a Mollyhawk, heading out for the Poker Paddle.

That's a nice shot of Boathouse boats.

That color is Gliddon's Clipper Ship Blue.

Coracles take some practice, and the sister got blown to the lee shore. Little brother mounted a rescue mission in a Tik-Tak. I have a real affinity to symmetrical designs - in a Tik-Tak, the painter becomes a tow rope when the paddler turns around.

This lady was intrigued by the Skin-on-Frame kayak, but she had a small dog. "Fine, load up!" and off they went. They dog enjoyed it. That's it - the 2016 Toledo Wood Boat Show as seen through the eyes of the Boathouse. I hope you enjoyed it.

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