Gettin' to some Skinnin'
July 15/16, 2016

When last we left the Kayak Build, we were getting the stringers strung. It's time to get some skin.

But first, there was Tom finishing up his kayak class.

Then long-time Boathouse friend, Abbey (front) and her friend came by. Abbey has been coming to the Boathouse for years, but is terrified of the water. I was finally able to convince her to go for a paddle.

And off they go. That interaction, all by itself, made coming to the Boathouse this weekend worthwhile.

We had a visitor, Nancy, who dropped by because she "has a long nose and likes to stick it in places." I *almost* got her into a coracle, but she decided to hold off at the last minute.

Inside, Bud and his wife, Mei, were hard at work lashing stringers onto one of the kayaks.

Bob, on the right, stopped by to chat a little.

I was figuring out how to attach a rim to the hatch coaming. The rim will allow someone to use a spray skirt, if they want. Me? I don't expect to go rolling in these boats.

Friday afternoon was a mis-mash of guests and working on the fiddy bits, like putting the splash guard on the top of the bow stem. This is the only piece where we are using plywood and glue - everything else is pegged and lashed.

Time to shut it down for the night.

Morning came and I drove to Toledo on the Bay Road, which goes through the bay front at Newport. It was going to be a beautiful day.

Here's the splash guard from the night before - this is going to work out nicely.

Rakeem dropped by after learning about us through - something Geoff had set up to attract more people. Rakeem is new to the area and was looking for something to do, so we put him right to work.

The first of the kayaks was ready to be skinned, so we laid out the cloth and got to it.

I love this picture - it has a renaissance feel to it.

Stitch stitch stitch.

Rakeem got the splash guard ready for the next kayak.

Bud and Mei showed up and we flipped the boat over and started on the top seam.

Mason stopped by for a visit - he lives on board a 35' sailboat and had come to Toledo for lunch. I put him in our Yaquina canoe and had him go for a paddle.

Stitch stitch stitch.

Mason returned and wanted to try our prototype kayak next. He liked it.

I started work on the hatch for the second kayak. Two layers of 1/4" oak strips.

And there we go for the weekend. Very nice.

Next week: Attach the hatch on this kayak, shrink the skin, and get a coat of varnish on her, all while getting the third kayak skinned. Lots to do.