A Messabout!
April 15/16, 2016

Any time two or more boat people get together, it's called a "messabout" - as in "Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." from Wind in the Willows. This weekend, we were having more than 2 boats.

The Teak Ladies came out of their winter shell, Dennis brought his electric tug and Bob brought his Iain Oughtred Acorn.

Bob M was there for a quick visit.

And Case (pictured with Bob M.) along with his son, Braxton, came in from Bend.

Jim P (l) came down from the Seattle area. The main purpose of this picture was to show John K, (king of the Coots) donating a picture of his former boat Sage (a Jim Michalak Jewelbox Jr.) John is savvy enough to know it might have taken me some time to get the picture hung, so he took initiative and hung it himself.

I wasn't going to let the kayak sit around. Bob was inspecting our work so far as I contemplated the coaming.

Last week had been a rough-and-ready attempt at coamings, but they didn't come out very smooth. Time to try again, with 1/4" sticks.

As luck would have it, I don't have too many shots of the work I was doing on the coaming - but I did get a shot of Mark (l) talking with Kirk, who had come down from Victoria, BC.

That evening, we had a potluck at the pavilion (thank you, Port of Toledo, for letting us use your facilities.) Case was on the cooker while David talked to him, Bob, Mark and Dennis are in the background. At the table (l-r) are Kay, Brax, Pat, John, and Jim.

Case cooks a mean fritatta. We ate like kings.

Towards evening, Joe and Tiana stopped by for some fishing and paddling.

Jim had slept in his Michalak Toto. Pretty inventive.

Bob was sailing his Acorn with Mark's Turtle (a Tracy O'Brein designed Kayleigh) in the foreground.

Morning at the docks.

In the Boathouse, Geoff was using a Harbor Freight 'hot knife' to cut the 8oz polyester we were using to cover the kayak. Those hot knives are OK, but I have recently ordered a more professional version: A HSG-0 Heat Cutter (with a Type R blade.) This should heat faster and give us much more sensitivity and control.

While we are still fighting with the coaming, we decided to go ahead and stitch the seams as tightly as we could.

We decide to do rolled seams with whip stitching. I think the crossed stitching looks very nice.

Once the coaming is installed we'll use heat guns to shrink the cloth and take out any wrinkles.

In our only scheduled event, Bob Ward came by and gave us a presentation on his research and conclusions about Sir Francis Drake and the possibility he (Drake) may have stayed a summer in nearby Whale Cove on the Oregon Coast, not Drake's Bay near San Francisco. His reasoning is sound and his pieces of evidence are compelling. You can find out more at http://drakeinoregon.com. You can find out even more by reading about New Abilon (New England - the name Drake gave this land he 'discovered' - filled with Indians.)

Visitors! Brad and his mother, Mary.

Mary had to try out one of our coracles. She did pretty well, too.

Long time friend of the Boathouse, Joe N, helped clean up some of the sawdust I'd been making.

And finally: More visitors! Jessie and James dropped by and were almost forced into a canoe. Good times.

Thankee one and all for reading. We'll post more, soon.