Prepping for the Boat Show
August 8, 2015

Patience and her mom gave their Container Board Boat the Jackson Pollack look, plus a Power Pyramid on the bow.

Patience is getting much better at the Coracles. The race should be hilarious.

Patience and her dog, Dutch, - the Tik Taks are GREAT kid's boats.

As I was mostly cleaning up and piddling around, I didn't take a lot of pictures on Friday.

Saturday morning was mid-60s, foggy, and beautiful. I drove to Toledo on the Bay Road, stopping at Englund's Marine Supply to take this shot of the crabbing fleet.

Oh, a free boat! Wait, something doesn't look quite right. Where's the keel? On closer inspection, the keel had been chainsawed off and there was a gaping hole in its place. There is no such thing as a free boat.

At the Boathouse, I met Sandy and Matt. It took some talking, but I eventually convinced Sandy to take out the Coracle.

She's a natural!

The Viking Helmet is becoming a standard feature on the Boathouse Tour.

While I've been worrying about cardboard boats, the Port has been on a fantastic improvement effort. They have put paving stones down the previously gravel pathway - a little over 1/2 mile of this. The waterfront is really coming along.

Back at the Boathouse, I saw Becky and her husband, Larry, trying to fish from the docks. I offered them use of a canoe, and being good Oregon Staters, they chose Bea.

I spent some time making fiddy bits for my cannon. Here, I am using my drill and bench sander to taper the brass pegs that will keep the wheels on.

Larry and Becky were having a grand time.

All the cannon parts, coated with epoxy. I put the fan on them to speed the curing process. I'm not sure it worked.

As ready as it can be right now. The Big Show is August 15 and 16 this year - hope to see you then.