Work work work
July 24/25, 2015

Not too many pictures - just mundane boat painting.

Tom was running a kayaking class when I got there - this is what the Boathouse is all about: Supporting the community in getting people on the water.

This fuzzy picture is of Toby and his son, Avery. I put them in the Tik Tak Kayak just to cheese off Tom a little. Kayakers tend to have specific ideas on what a kayak should be. As a side note, there once was a very successful pirate names Captain Avery who was very successful - on the sea. When he tried to give up the life, he got swindled out of his ill-gotten gains and died in poverty.

Boats on the water - nothing finer.

The local Job Corps kids had the afternoon off and wanted to go for a paddle. Happy to oblige.

The kayak class finished up with an awards ceremony and everything was great.

I turned to on Salt. If you remember, I worked on Pepper last week. We are getting them ready for the Boat Show that starts on August 15.

Not much was happening at the Boathouse as it was Summerfest weekend and not too many people made it to the Boathouse. Peter, a teacher at the Toledo High School, brought his daughter and grandson, Huckleberry, down for a paddle.

Off they went. Huckleberry is a good kid - I met him last year. I hope he continues his adventures on the water.

That's all for this week. Have fun and wear your PFD.