Building the Goose - continues
February 27, 2015

Due to several factors, I could not spend a full weekend at the Boathouse. I made an early run over on Friday to do some specific work on the Goose

Due to several factors, I forgot my camera. Luckily, I have a phone, and it has a camera (why does my phone have a camera?) so you can blame it for the quality of these pictures.

The first thing that greeted me was the freshly painted hulls of Aurora and Daisy. Damn, those candy colors look great. Beatrice is inside, getting her seams fixed. David has been doing some great work on these girls.

My original intent was to get the airbox bulkheads installed, but I got distracted by Geoff's deck beams. I needed to figure out where the mast would be coming out of the deck so I could place the deck beams appropriately. I tried a couple of methods . . .

. . . and ended up making a stub facsimile of the mast to get the angle and placement correct.

Since I was mucking with the deck beams, I figured I might as well get the mast step figured out, too. These two "rails" will prevent the mast from moving lefty-righty. I am going to put a 3/8 bolt through were I want the center of the mast to go, and cut a notch in the bottom of the mast, to prevent it from moving fronty-backy. I'll also be epoxying a Lewis and Clark nickel down there so Charon gets his due.

Next step was to take care of some of these runnels from gluing the bottom to the sides. I love my angle grinder.

And finally, epoxying in the bulkheads. Always cut your hatches ahead of time - those things are tough to cut in place. And always have hatches - don't have permanently sealed places in your boat - water grows there.

Awww yeah, 143 1/4" long, front ot back. I'd have to register it if it were 144" long. :)