At the Boathouse
April 26, 2014

Before going to the Boathouse, I had to swing through Depoe Bay to pick up a prize I'd won in the Ducky Derby at the Depoe Bay Boatshow last week. As I walked across the bridge I spotted this harbor seal enjoying the sun. I like harbor seals.

Whoops, that's why you don't store canoes upright in Oregon - it'd been raining all week.

We are going to be working with some kids to build a couple of the Lazy Weekend canoes, and some of the adults who will be involved came by to check out the facilities.

Inspecting plans for the Lazy Weekend canoe on top of the prototype Tik-Tak Kayak.

The Boathouse won't be in operation the next two weekends, so I loaned a canoe to Rocky and Vicki so they can get the kids started on enjoying the design before building it.

Scott showed up and reintroduced himself. He'd been a Youth Supervisor for the Toledo Summer Youth Program last year. He took the Yaquina skin-on-frame canoe out for a paddle.

A couple of Scott's friends showed up, wanting to take a boat out. Before I let them go, I had them test out an idea I have been working on.

Pool noodles cut in half make an acceptable substitute for light sabers, and, being pool noodles, are fairly harmless. Within seconds of handing them out, the boys were beating the stuffing out of each other. Test results: Successful.

I put them in Bea to start with, telling them that had to make it to the railroad bridge before they came back. Off they went.

They decided they wanted to try rowing. After a few missteps, they took to rowing quite well. All in all, a great weekend at the Boathouse.