Port of Toledo's Family Boat Build, 2013
March 25-29 2013 (Spring Break)

The Port of Toledo is hosting a Family Boat Build at the Toledo Community Boathouse

This year, we are building QT Skiffs - excellent little boats capable of carrying two adults and light enough to be transported on top of a car.

This event is open to any family or team that can

  • pay the $200 Participation Fee
  • commit to fielding at least four (4) participants - 12-years-old or older - each day of the event

There are no additional costs - for $200, you and your team get to build, paint, and go home with a real, functioning, boat.

Interested? Contact the Port of Toledo with your check for $200 and your list of participants.

Email info@portoftoledo.org
Phone 541-336-5207
Snail Mail P.O. Box 428
496 NE Hwy 20, Unit 1
Toledo, OR 97391

Schedule - Days are scheduled to be 4-hours long - from 10am to 2pm. Please bring your own snacks.

Monday, March 25
Tuesday, March 26

  • Attach the sides to the frame
  • Attach the sides to the stem and transom
  • Attach the chines to the sides
  • Attach the gunnels to the sides

  • Trim the stem
  • Plane chines flat
  • Fit the bottom
  • Cut the bottom
  • Glue and screw the bottom to the chines
  • Glue and screw the butt-joint
Wednesday, March 27
Thursday, March 28
  • Remove screws and fill holes
  • Attach spacers
  • Attach inwales
  • Fit and attach knees
  • Fit and attach breasthook
  • Sand everything
  • Paint with primer
Friday, March 29
  • Paint with topcoat
  • Celebrate

Printable Poster for the event