Getting started on winter projects
Sept 6-7, 2013

I didn't have my camera on Friday, which was too bad because we had a gaggle of kids down on the docks, playing around, swimming in the warm water and just having fun.

Geoff had started his kayak at the 2013 Toledo Wooden Boat Show and was making use of the Boathouse to put on the finishing touches.

Curt was studying the plans for the Spindrift 11N we will be building. The Spindrift is a design by Graham Byrnes of B&B Yacht Design. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Byrnes during 2008 Texas 200. He was there with his family on his Southern Skimmer - a screamer of a sailboat if there ever was one.

Note: Graham designs some of the neatest and most versatile boats I have come across. Core Sounds are legendary in the adventuring world and the Princess boats are just lovely. The plans that came with the Spindrift are some of the most compete and accurate I have seen, easily allowing a first time builder to not only finish a boat, but also make a great boat.

I was, of course, working - lining out the sides of the boat onto plywood. Here's a little write-up on how the boat will go together.

A nice batten to fair the curve, and there you have it.

Now the Boathouse is humming - me on the sabersaw, Curt lining out bulkheads, and Geoff working on his kayak.

Then the kids showed up. I love this image of the fall season on the Oregon coast: Two girls in the water - in bikinis, and a guy sitting on the dock in a flannel shirt and stocking cap.

Can't have kids at the docks without putting them in to canoes. Tia did great paddling the little Yaquina skin-on-frame.

David hopped in and gave it a whirl.

Visitors were laughing and cheering the kids on.

Brenton didn't want to go canoeing, so I put him to work. Those are your choices at the Boathouse.

There's a fine shot of some young scalawags, messing about in boats - for the first time for three of them.