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2013 Columbia 150 - Thursday

This will be a slightly longer run than yesterday - the floating dock at Walker Island is ~3 miles further along than Rainier.

It had been a windy night and Chuck and Shaline made the decision to continue downriver to Fred's Marina or maybe the M. James Gleason Memorial Boat Ramp down at 43rd and Marine Drive in Portland.

Fleet shot as we started out. The weather was quite calm.

Wave Watcher was looking very nice.

The view over my deck

Mike was with me today, and as we gazed forward towards the granaries of Longview, we wondered if this was a squall or a cloud. In either case, we dropped sail and motored forward. It turned out to be a cloud.

Towards Rainier, it was dead calm.

As we approached, this tug fired up and started moving. I hate it when they do that.

Here's another golden business opportunity - if the salmon ever come back. This is even more modern than the last one - it has Dish Network.

We were WAY ahead of schedule - the current was really pushing us downriver - so we decided to pull in to Rainier for some breakfast. Bob slipped as he stepped on the docks and scraped his fingers. He insisted I take this picture on the promise I wouldn't show it to anyone. Silly Bob - that's not with pictures are for.

Interesting people at the Rainier docks today - is that the beginning of an osprey nest on the Lacey Gail?

We had lots of time at the docks, so the newly patched Bob used his time wisely - reading Small Craft Advisor.

After breakfast, we sailed downriver to the floating dock between Walker and Lord Islands. The wind was directly in our face, so we had to tack and tack. When Mike was at the helm, we out pointed Tom. When I was at the helm, Tom out pointed us. There's probably something wrong with my boat.

Tacking past the derelict. There used to be an on-site security squad who tried to drive people off - I guess they gave up.

Dailies - the current is very helpful

Even with our stopover in Rainier, we were at the floating dock by about 3pm. We occupied one end and helped other mariners land as they came in. This was a very nice 32 footer the owner is trying to get ready to head for the South Seas.

The fleet at rest. Tomorrow, it's back to Cathlamet.

Finally Friday

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