Toledo Summer Youth Program
July 19, 2013

Scott (l) is a confident young man who proved to be a godsend in helping manage the activities of the kids in the Summer Youth Program. Kaleb (l) is an adventurous young lad who tested Scott constantly.

We were splitting the group today - some to paddle and some to paint on the cardboard boats. This was part of the group who took on the paint job.

Hakim, his sister, and Dan all wanted to be in the front of Daisy. Siblings make for interesting crew dynamics, and I think Dan was just in it for the lulz.

Luke is about 7 years old. Nice kid who really liked getting on the water.

One of the fun things was trying to teach paddling skills - most easily done with natural obstacles like those found in the narrow gap between the docks and the shore at low tide.

Since the kids were quite young - average age about 8, adults did most of the paddling, and since adults were paddling, we could explore more of the slough. Rather than take them up to the tide gates, as we usually did, we went out towards the river.

They were quite proud that the Kiska Sea had been on Dangerous Catch. She is like a local celebrity.

Back at the Boathouse, painting was well underway. We provided them with oversized t-shirts and gloves, but that really didn't help all that much.

I made a good run at trying to explain paint is better applied in long, sweeping motions, but it turns out dabbing it on is more fun.

"You can see the brush strokes" just like the Dutch masters.

Nice group shot. Well done, guys!