Building a Cardboard Boat
July, 2013

We had a few of the Cardboard Boat kits, so we decided to have some fun with designs.

I came up with a "origami" type design, low and flat - it's sole purpose is to keep your but out of the water. It's just two pieces - the hull (with sides just bent up)and the top. The hole for the cockpit is used to reinforce the bottom.

We wanted to paint it before assembly because we knew we wouldn't be able to reach the narrow bits inside.

Sides bent up and held in place for taping.

More prep for taping.

Clamps to hold the ends while the contact cement cures.

Sides taped

Trying to figure out some supports - it turned out to be unnecessary.

Paint is the only think keeping the cardboard from turning to mush, so paint we did. Donated by our friends at Miller Paint at Agate Beach.

Geoff is actually an engineer by trade, so he had watched our process and decided on a design of his own.

His was a little more complex than mine - of course.

The other activity that day was making a bunch of small paddles for the kids to decorate. We standardized this process and cranked out 14 in no time.

Paddles with a base coat, hanging up to dry. They were originally an 8' 2x6 that had been rotting in my yard. Pretty nice use of wood.