More pics of Boathouse boats from the 2013 Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show
April 20-21

In addition to the Toledo Community Boathouse write-up of the Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show, there were other cameras at play, too. John K, "King of the Coots" is an outstanding photographer and Bob L is a fellow adventurer with a heck of a telephoto lens.

The thing about a pink boat is: It attracts adventurers of all ages. Emma really, really wanted to go for a paddle.

This lady took Aurora our for a solo paddle. I would not have chosen to sit in the center seat nor hold my paddle that way, but it is all good.

The Kids of Depoe Bay hopped in and went for a paddle, too. See how much fun everyone has in a canoe?

Compare that to rowers like Dennis and Bob L.

Or even kids in a Mollyhawk. Compared to a canoe - boring.

Looks like the rowboat's progress thwarted. (get it? It's a nautical joke.)

As much fun as it is, paddling in a harbor, the real (stupid) thrill is paddling in the open ocean. Rick L and I have made a tradition of going out, around the 1/2 mile buoy in untried and unproven boats.

The Lazy Weekend canoe is not intended for use in unprotected waters. It is a lake and pond canoe. The swells were coming from the forward quarter and every once in a while, we'd see a big one and turn into it.

Once we'd rounded the buoy, the Lady J and Sea Weed came out to see if we needed any help.

We met about halfway back.

You really don't want to get too close when you are bobbing like a cork.

Coming back through the Notch. Man, that's a purty canoe.

This is a beautiful picture.

As we came in, we met Bob going out in his rowboat. That's what I like to do: Serve as a bad example.

The Lady J returning.

And the Sea Weed. We live in a beautiful place.

This is young Bella (B-E-L-L-A) learning how to canoe.

Very cute kid. She really took to boating.