Painting the Lazy Weekend Canoes
March 6, 2013

When last we left the Boathouse, we'd built two Lazy Weekend canoes, and had put one coat of primer on one.

I got a tube of DAP's fast curing caulk and went to work sealing the joins inside and out. One tube in not enough for the whole boat, it needs one tube, plus about 5 feet.

We took a break over at Pig Feathers while the caulk cured - we had both heaters blowing full blast trying to get the temp in the Boathouse up high enough fordecent curing times. It was uncomfortably warm when we got back, but we still needed to suit up.

The first canoe got its second coat of primer . . .

. . . and the second canoe got its first coat. Then we called it a night and headed off.

Sometime that night, I remembered we hadn't cut the seats for the second boat, so that was the first order of business at the start of Saturday.

Perfect fit - it's almost like I know what I'm doing.

It is very possible I will forever be known as the guy who builds pink boats, but I'm getting kind of desperate here at the Boathouse. If we don't get some interest from the people of the town, there's no reason for us to be doing this. We've tried a lot of different thigns, but we've never tried to actually trick out our boats to appeal to the younger crowd.

I'd told Curt I was going to paint one of the boats pink, but I don't think he knew how pink until he saw it in person.

Curt primed the second boat while I made the first boat as pink as pink can be. We are using Kilz primer, which can be top-coated in about an hour. While the primer dried (in the very warm shop) we headed down to the local store to get some paint for thesecond boat.

During the break, we had visitors! Virgil came up from just south of Florence while John K and Charlie came in from the Eugene area. The very first words John said to me was "That's a pink boat!"

If that boat was pink, then this one is yellow. I'm going for bright, bright colors - pink, yellow, and orange. The yellow and orange boats are nods to the major universities, Oregon in Eugene, and Oregon State in Corvallis. We'll be building the third (orange) boat during the Depoe Bay Boat Show in a couple of weeks.

I painted yellow while Curt primered the seats - and Virgil, John and Charlie gave advice.

Oh, man, it was starting to look pretty.

That's a lot of yellow.

To quote George Takei: Oh MY!

There they are - one pink and one yellow. Ain't gonna be no mistaking these canoes.

They look so damn good, I decided to post another picture of them.

OK, next week, they'll get their second coats and then they'll be ready for the Depoe Bay show. Now I just have to find the right shade of orange . . . I'm thinking "International Warning Orange."