QT Skiff as a Family Paddle Boat
March 9, 2013

We'll be building Michalak QT Skiffs for the 2013 Family Boat Build. These boats are designed specifically as powered boats, intended for use with a small (no more than 5hp) outboard.

But the beauty of boats is they are endlessly configurable and once you have something on the water, you are only limited by your imagination and your resources.

Ryan is the proud owner of the final prototype of our version of the QT Skiff - he bought it for his family to use on the local rivers and lakes, and he showed up to take it out for a test spin. Here's the whole family: Becky, Ryan, Damien (13), Reese (10) and Demitri (4.)

Damien looked like he wanted to be the captain of his own destiny so we got him outfitted with a PFD and paddle and let him practice a bit in the Yaquina canoe. The kid took to paddling like a pro and was off and running in less than 30 seconds.

One of the beauties of the QT Skiff is that it is not too wide to be paddled like a canoe. We made sure the open space between the seats was as big as possible in anticipation of the boat being used for families or for carrying fishing/crabbing gear.

Look at the trim of that boat - just about perfect. Now THAT'S a family boat.