Prepping for Painting the QT Skiff
1 February 2013

OK, so the QT Skiff is all put together and caulked, it's almost time to give her a coat of primer.

After cutting off all the little toothpicks and sanding up the breasthook and knees, we gave her a good rogering with the orbital sanders inside and out. When we flipped her, we noticed . . .

. . . some of the screws had been driven in with a little too much zeal, and some had not been driven in far enough. For the ones that hadn't been driven in far enough, we backed them out, counter sunk them a wee bit, and drive them back in again. For the ones that had been driven in too deeply, we mixed up some epoxy and wood flour and spackled in the holes.

We had to delay priming the boat while the epoxy cures and gets sanded. We'll paint her up next week.