Painting the Clark Fork Drifter
1 February, 2013

When last we left the Clark Fork Drifter, we'd given her a second coat of paint. Now it was time to pull the tape and get to the finish work

Oh, crap. The primer had crept under the edge of the tape, creating an unsightly line. We are going to need to take care of that before we sell this baby. Good thing I read about a technique on how to prevent this - except I read about it after we'd put the paint on in the first place.

The same thing happened on the inside, as well. We had a LOT of cutsey paint edges in there, so rather than spend days trying to fix it, we just painted over it. Paint is a better finish, anyhow.

We are going to put some gloss black on the waterline, so we re-taped the line - on the blue this time - being careful to make sure the jaggy white bit was exposed.

And here's the trick to prevent paint bleeding under the edge of your tape: Paint the edge with the background color first. If it bleeds (and it will) it'll bleed the background color and no one will be able to tell. Of course, it takes an extra day, but better that than a crappy paint job.

And that's it for this week - I had an all-day Oregon State Marine Board class to go to on Saturday and couldn't get back to the Boathouse.