Clark Fork Drifter Build - Session 7 (and more)
October 26-27 2012

When last we left the Clark Fork Drifter, Curt and I had flipped her and put a layer of 6oz fiberglass over her bottom. Now it's time to do some reinforcement.

I'd shown up early to do some sanding (feathering the edge of the fiberglass) when Jay T. showed up, passing through from Klamath Falls. He's a fellow builder who follows the Coot email list. He's built a couple of John Welsford's designs, beautiful boats.

Next to show up was Bill, a local who loves hand-built boats. I like this picture - it sort of embodies the Boathouse.

Curt came and started applying the 12oz tape to the chines while Darrell looked on.

Darrell had come with John, and John gravitated to the plans for the Welsford AWOL.

I was really pleased with how well that 12oz tape laid down over the chines. We didn't have to do any cutting - it just laid flat on its own.

We'd been working quick, so we stepped out for a dinner at Pig Feathers, and when we came back, I decided to try and fill the weave of the 12oz tape with epoxy mixed with microballoon filler (kindly donated by fellow Coot, Case, of Bend, Oregon.)

Darrell was busy dispensing advice.

And by the time I was done, Bob M. and Dave B. had dropped by. This was no ordinary weekend - the Coots were gathering for the Yaquina River Halloween Float, an event that more or less marks the end of the boating season for the Coots.

We wrapped it up for the day: fiberglass edge feathered, 12oz tape on all chines, one coat of epoxy over the whole exterior and one coat with fill over the chine tape. I came back Saturday and put two more coats with fill over the chines - 12oz has a thick weave. I didn't get any pictures because of the Yaquina River Halloween Float.

In the next session, we'll do final sanding to feather the edge of the tape and put a layer of graphite impregnated epoxy on the bottom. It's getting close to having the exterior ready to paint.