Family Boat Build at the Toledo Community Boathouse
Day 2, Tuesday, Dec 27, 2011

Yesterday, we stopped when all the boats had the gunnels and stringers attached. Today we fit them to the stems and add the inwales.

Yesterday was pretty much just a few screws and tying some knots. Today, we had to fit each of pieces to the stems. The pieces have to line up evenly and hold the stems straight up and down. This is not difficult to do, it just takes some time and effort. Cathy and Gene were the first to show up, and they turned to immediately.

Then the Shoemake team came and started cutting.

Followed closely by the Corcorans. Grandfather John and sister Janie had returned to their homes, so it was just the core group today.

The Saccos seem to be in the habit of showing up late to the party - must be because they have three teenagers on the team.

They might have been late, but they were ready to play. Richard was keepign the team spirits up while Andrew and Christian figured out how to cut the angles.

Sasha and her daughter, Keyonna, carefully apply PL Premium to the ends of the gunnels. Sasha had decided to leave little Sequoia with her grandmother today.

This is something you don't see with traditional boat building: Pretty women showing up and asking if they can help place the spacers inside the gunwales. This is Ashley (left) and Jessica, and they came with Devin and Avery to help out Team Shoemake.

Ann then something magical happened. As one team got ahead, its members would fan out and help the other teams. Here's Andrew from the Saccos helping Gene cut an inwale for the Cocorans.

Since we had the manpower, we decided to use as many people as possible to make the process of installing the inwales go faster.

Look at it happen: From seperate teams to a cohesive working unit, each chipping in where and when needed. The Toledo Community Boathouse, indeed.

Gunwales and stringers fitted to stems, breasthooks installed, spacers, and inwales. Not a bad day of work,

Day 2 Participants:

  • The Shoemake team: Sasha, Tyler, Keyonna (13,) Shaa (10,) and Bud, plus Jessica, Devin, Avery and Ashley
  • The Corcorans: Jared, Sonja, Jasper (14,) and Jordan(11)
  • The Sacco team: Andrew (15,) Richard (15,) Christian (16,) Mark and Debbie.
  • And the Ad Hoc team: Gene and Cathy Forsythe, Curt, and Aaron.
  • Staff: Andrew